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This is a really cute story from a lost dog’s point of view. My youngest daughter asked a lot of questions while I read the story to her because the illustrations are loaded with que details she is learning to use when reading books. We had a lot of fun talking about the two dogs in the story and why they were doing certain things. She also had a lot of questions about animal rescue and asked if we can go visit our local animal shelter to see if we could be foster parents to dogs. This made me smile. My daughter was able to relate to the story easily. She said she liked learning dogs can get scared just like her if lost. She also said it was good Mr. Pupples listened to his mommy about staying in one place until someone found him; it was nice to see the lessons we have been teaching her were easily re-enforced with this cute picture book.

Virginia S. Grenier
The Writing Mama

I received your book and love it. Scout loves the story and listens intently when I read it to her! The illustrations are great too. The drawings capture a great deal of expression and action. Having worked with children and reading, I know how important the illustrations are in complementing the story. Children linger over the drawings to help them comprehend the story. I won’t be surprised if I hear you’ve won a distinguished children’s literature award!
White Stone, VA

The story pulls the young reader in immediately as he hopes the puppy will be found and loved by a family. I liked that Sir Buddy did the talking! This is excellent awareness for children who need to spend more time with living creatures instead of electronics. Also, it might inspire some children to offer their loving services to animal shelters.
Weems, VA

This is a story that will keep kids reading and re-reading the book. I loved the book and the story line. I have a real soft spot for stray dogs and cats anyways. So, this story really intrigued me, as it will most young readers. The illustrations are also very endearing and will bring the message home for kids.


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Richard L McEwan, Sr. - Author