Love of Dogs Leads to Fostering Stray Animals and Publishing a Book

Love of Dogs Leads to Fostering Stray Animals and Publishing a Book
By Jaimee Bingle

Dick McEwan fondly remembers the first time he met Amos.

“He was a little black dog that was tough as nails. He once successfully took on a St. Bernard,” says McEwan, who recently retired to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his wife.

At the time McEwan was about 8 years old and Amos was the neighbor’s pet.

“It didn’t matter that he wasn’t our pet, Amos chose to go with my brothers and me everywhere. He was always with us, except for when it was time to eat. He went home for that,” says McEwan.

This first interaction with Amos has lead McEwan on a life-long journey caring for both dogs and cats. During a span of 5 years while living in Virginia, McEwan and his wife, Christie, volunteered as foster parents to about 50 stray animals.

“Many pets get euthanized if someone doesn’t take care of them until a home can be found,” says McEwan.

It’s this passion for saving pets, and his grandchildren’s love for reading, that inspired McEwan to write his first children’s book, “The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples – The Rescue” just released by Halo Publishing International this year. The book introduces children to the idea of fostering a pet and tells a story of the rescue of a stray puppy.

“I hope that when a child sees a stray dog or cat, that they think about the story and how the puppy, Mr. Pupples, was found and saved,” says McEwan who believes that learning to take care of animals is the first step to learning how to care for others. He also says there are so many great benefits to taking care of pets.

“Pets are great companions. Not only are they fun to be with, they can help you get exercise,” says McEwan who enjoys taking his two dogs, Buddy and River, for walks with his wife. Besides, who loves you more than your dog?

McEwan has met with the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Manteo, North Carolina. He and the organization plan to partner by visiting local elementary schools with McEwan reading his book, and the SPCA talking with children about fostering stray animals and caring for pets.


You can purchase “The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples -The Rescue” at It sells for $16.95. You can contact McEwan through his website at and follow him on Facebook at


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